Meet Nicole Caroline

Founder | Master Aesthetician

The knowledge on finding what it is that works, comes from her almost 25 years of experience as a licensed esthetician.  Her skincare career spans both coasts, and incorporates techniques from Korea, France, Japan, Norway, South Africa, the U.K. and Spain.  “There is so much we can learn about the skin and its care by exploring different cultures.  I don’t like to be boxed in to one idea of how the skin should be approached.  It shouldn’t be all lasers, or all holistic.  It should be an all encompassing approach to help you achieve the results you would like to see.”  These results have earned her the title of “Best of Greenwich Gold Coast” 4 years in a row by Moffley Media, and while she never sought out celebrity clients, many have made their way to her through word of mouth, coming to see her “speak easy style” after hours in-studio, as well as virtually from around the globe.

You can catch Nicole on NBC as the skin expert for Access Daily, (clips can be found in the Press Section). Her products have been featured in Vogue, Vogue Italia, Vogue Czecheslovakia, Vogue U.K, Russian Vogue, and Refinery29. and Byrdie.  Super Model Irina Shayk shared her love for Nicole’s Signature Facial Ice Sphere(tm), explaining how she incorporates Nicole’s proprietary recipes, and spheres into her skincare routine, stating that she uses them “Every Single Day to de-puff, and look less swollen.”  Her Facial Ice Spheres(tm) and proprietary blends have quickly become a cult favorite among celebrities, influencers, estheticians and skincare lovers.

Nicole truly loves what she does and puts all of her heart and soul into every product, and every client.  She is honored to be able to pursue her passion, and excite people about how amazing their skin can be!

Meet The Team

Sarah Yardis

Lead Esthetician

As a Nicole Caroline Skin Lead Aesthetician and a team member since 2022, Sarah brings expertise in facial massage and facial sculpting techniques our clients have become obsessed with! As a Greenwich native, she has been an aesthetician in and around the area for over 15 years. Sarah has trained with Nicole for the past two years in Nicole’s curated and meticulously designed techniques. We love having Sarah on our team and we know you will LOVE your skin once she starts working on it.

Janet Delos

RN, Aesthetic Nurse
As an Aesthetic Nurse (RN) for over 15 years, with a foundation in critical care and operating room experience, Janet is committed to helping clients achieve their desired aesthetic outcomes. She has worked very closely in training with Nicole, and her background has afforded her a deep understanding of patient care, allowing her to provide exceptional aesthetic services that work in tandem with all facial services performed by estheticians at Nicole Caroline Skin.

Debbie Nieves

Office Manager | Client Concierge

As the newest member of Nicole Caroline Skin and the “go-to” for anything you will need on your skin journey, Debbie brings all of her experience, joy, and passion of over 15 years in the beauty industry to our front office management and client concierge services. Debbie has honed her management and brand ambassador skills working over 10 years at Sephora of Greenwich. We are so happy to have her as part of the Nicole Caroline Skin Team.

Zitta Ferriello

Director of Business Development 
With a strong background of over 20 years in business development and hospitality, Zitta has taken on many different roles in and around the Nicole Caroline Skin company! She is an integral part of the behind-the-scenes operations, as well as research and development, and client relations.  


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