Existing Client Facial in Greenwich, CT

Existing Client Facial

The Existing Client Facial is a specialized skincare service tailored to ongoing clients. It offers a personalized approach to maintaining and improving your skin’s health and appearance. This service involves a comprehensive assessment of your skin’s needs to curate a customized treatment plan that targets various areas, including the face, neck, and décolletage. The process may include a range of techniques and products, depending on individual skin conditions and goals, ensuring each session contributes to your skin’s overall well-being and aesthetic.

The Existing Client Facial in Greenwich, CT, offers a personalized skincare regimen that changes according to the individual’s needs. The treatment enhances skin texture, tone, and overall appearance, with results evident shortly after the treatment. Results last several weeks, but adherence to post-treatment care recommendations is critical. Book your next appointment with Nicole Caroline Skin in Greenwich, CT, for optimal skin health.

Benefits of Existing Client Facial

For Existing Clients (with the Aestheticians)

The Existing Client Facial, tailored by the Aestheticians, is an exclusive, ongoing skincare regimen created specifically for their current clients. This personalized treatment plan addresses your unique skin needs and goals, incorporating advanced techniques and treatments to enhance your skin’s health and appearance. For a 70-minute session, this comprehensive facial starts at $325 and includes add-ons like micro-channeling and oxygen therapy to promote optimal skin condition and radiance.

For Existing Clients (with Nicole)

Nicole’s Existing Client Facial offers a bespoke skincare journey exclusively available to her current clients. This service represents a continued commitment to your skin’s well-being, featuring a custom-designed treatment plan that evolves with your skin’s changing needs. With a starting price of $475 for a 70-minute session, the facial excludes but can incorporate advanced add-ons like microchanneling and exosome treatments. Nicole’s expertise and personalized approach ensure that your skin receives the utmost care, aiming for lasting health and beauty.


Anyone who is an existing client and is interested in a personalized approach to maintaining and improving their skin health is a good candidate for the Existing Client Facial.
Results can often be seen immediately after the treatment, with improvements in skin texture and radiance becoming more noticeable over the following days.
The results typically last several weeks, but consistent treatment sessions are necessary to maintain optimal skin health.
The existing Client Facial usually has minimal downtime and minimal side effects. Occasionally, clients may experience slight redness or sensitivity after treatment, which typically subsides quickly.
Before the treatment, avoid using any harsh skincare products or undergoing other skin treatments. After the treatment, protect your skin with a broad-spectrum sunscreen, use gentle skincare products, keep hydrated, and avoid touching your face.
During the Existing Client Facial, we will cleanse, analyze, and treat your skin with custom products and techniques to address your specific skin concerns, providing a relaxing experience.


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