New Client Facial in Greenwich, CT

New Client Facial

The New Client Facial is an all-encompassing skincare treatment that caters to various skin concerns and conditions. This service stands out due to its comprehensive approach, offering a suite of treatments including Microcurrent, Chemical Peel, expertly performed Extractions, LED therapy, Facial Lymphatic Drainage, Facial Massage, Infrared and Radio Frequency treatments, Ultrasonic Exfoliation, Manual and Korean Face Lifting Techniques, GuaSha, Ultrasound, Cryotherapy, Cryofacial, Ice Facial, and various Facial Masks. Our expert estheticians create personalized plans for each client to enhance their skin’s natural beauty. The facial targets include fine lines, acne, and uneven skin tone while maintaining overall health. It is possible to attain diverse advantages in just one session. Master esthetician Nicole Caroline trains the estheticians.

New Client Facial in Greenwich, CT, is ideal for anyone seeking to improve their skin’s overall appearance. It is suitable for people of all ages and skin types. Results are visible immediately after treatment, with optimal outcomes appearing over time. Results last for several weeks and depend on individual skin types and conditions. Regular treatments improve skin health. Our facial has minimal downtime, making it perfect for busy schedules. Please book your appointment with Nicole Caroline Skin in Greenwich, CT, and experience the benefits of our New Client Facial.

Benefits of New Client Facial

New Client Facial with Nicole

The New Client Facial with Nicole offers an unparalleled, bespoke experience meticulously tailored to your unique skin needs and goals. Under Nicole Caroline’s expertise or that of her expertly trained estheticians, this 90-minute session is the pinnacle of personalized skincare. For a complete skincare solution, Nicole uses a variety of treatments tailored to your needs, such as Microcurrent and Cryotherapy. Nicole’s appointments are exclusive to referrals, highlighting the premium and personalized nature of the service. Embrace the opportunity for a transformative journey to your most radiant skin, curated by Nicole or her dedicated team.

New Client Facial with the Aestheticians

Embarking on your skincare journey with the Aestheticians begins with the New Client Facial, the cornerstone of our approach to personalized skincare. This initial 90-minute session will demystify the many skincare options available, focusing on your specific concerns and goals. Whether you aim to address acne or hyperpigmentation or seek enhancement through Hydrobrasion, lifting, or brightening treatments, the Aestheticians are here to guide you. By evaluating your current skincare routine and discussing your aspirations, they craft a pathway that leads to the quickest and most effective results. Booking with the Aestheticians starts your journey to exceptional skin by eliminating the guesswork and customizing a treatment plan that sets the foundation for your skin’s best future.


The New Client Facial is suitable for all skin types and concerns and can benefit anyone looking to improve their skin’s appearance.
While some clients notice immediate improvements, the full benefits are typically observed after the treatment as the skin regenerates.
The longevity of the facial’s results varies but generally lasts for several weeks. Consistent treatment sessions can prolong these effects.
There’s minimal to no downtime associated with the New Client Facial. There may be some redness or sensitivity, which usually disappears quickly.
Before your appointment, avoid using retinoids or other exfoliating agents for a few days. After treatment, protect your skin with sunscreen and follow a gentle skincare regimen as your esthetician recommends.
The New Client Facial is a relaxing, rejuvenating experience. You will undergo various treatments to address your skin concerns, all in a serene, professional environment.


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